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We offer unique custom articles written by a team of over 40 native English speaking writers, which are high quality for an affordable price! Use them for your website, blog, or submit them to article directories to get backlinks to your site.

Benefits of using our service
All of our articles are written by professional native English speaking writers
All of our articles will pass the copyscape test, they are totally original custom content, 100% money back guarantee
Quick turnaround, articles are e-mailed to you within 3-5 working days
All the research is done by our writers, you just give us a keyphrase one per article
You have total ownership of the articles and can do with them whatever you like

We only write one keyphrase per article as this is usually the optimum amount, we don’t want to over keyword stuff your articles as this will often get your website penalised in the search engines and get your article rejected by article directories. It is far better to write naturally, we will however when possible use your keyphrase at least once in the title and once in the first paragraph, as well as in the rest of the article a number of times but we do it in a natural way. A typical 500 word article will contain your keyphrase about 4-8 times which is the optimum SEO amount.

For submission to article directories about 500-750 words is the optimum, most people will find they achieve very good results with this amount.

All our custom articles are hand written by professional writers for whom English is their first language. It’s totally unique custom content that will never be sold to anybody else in any shape or form.

We aim to send your articles to you by e-mail within 3-5 working days. Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction, so why not take the strain out of writing articles and let us do it for you!


Our Prices

Standard Custom Articles

300+ Words: $6.00
400+ Words: $7.50
500+ Words: $9.00
750+ Words: $11.50
1000+ Words: $14.00

Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Custom Articles

If you have not already heard of UAW, it is a great way of submitting to a large number of article directories and generating a large number of backlinks to your site. What’s more, due to the very clever way in which UAW works, each article will be rewritten so it is unique, thus avoiding the duplicate content filter and making your article marketing even more effective. We can’t actually tell you how UAW will rewrite your content, seriously everybody who joins the UAW programme has to agree not to, but what we can say is that it is a truly unique way of rewriting your articles and works in a way unlike any other article spinner, producing a high quality unique article that does not read like it has been mangled through a spinner. The UAW system is the most effective method of marketing articles and generating backlinks we have ever come across and it has become so popular that we now offer articles in UAW format, ready for you to submit to their network. For more information on the Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Click Here

UAW Custom Articles

3 articles with the same number of paragraphs, each paragraph has the same meaning. 500+ words, 8+ paragraphs, 3 articles in total.

UAW 500+ Words: $15.00


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